Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust announced a new foundation, GOYOUTH, to support young Asian entrepreneurs. GOYOUTH is an Asian-based foundation that supports the career and entrepreneurial aspirations of young people in Asia.

Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust ‘s CEO, Alex Tan, said in an official announcement that this foundation, GOYOUTH, is the first entrepreneur-support initiative launched by them. “We are proud to support young entrepreneurs and build up their career without any difficulties,” said Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust’s CEO, Alex Tan.

Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust CEO Alex Tan added, “We are immensely proud to announce the establishment of GOYOUTH. We are creating a platform where young people will have fair access to capital, our training, expertise and mentorship. We also want to thank our first initial sponsor GCG Group for their generous donation.

“Our foundation cements our commitment that GOYOUTH will assist young Asian entrepreneurs starting or growing their businesses. We will offer all the required products and services entrepreneurs would need. Through GOYOUTH, budding Asian entrepreneurs can access financial capital, technical assistance, and training so they can build their dreams and visions,” said the CEO of Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust Alex Tan.

He added that Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust guarantees that the resources provided by our foundation will unleash Asia’s potential for innovation and entrepreneurship. They are ready to offer support in a way where they will make this partnership a success.

According to Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust’s CEO, Alex Tan, GOYOUTH will provide micro-investments in businesses started by young Asian entrepreneurs. This process will be supervised by a team of professional investment managers. They will work closely with these young entrepreneurs in their early stages, share insights and provide the necessary expertise to build their businesses. The profits that will generate from their venture investments will be returned to their foundation for re-investment. Thus, it will ensure an evergreen funding source for their foundation, GOYOUTH.

“For instance, 200 young people will be selected each year for our mentorship at a Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust and other businesses within our ecosystem”, said Alex Tan.

“We will teach young entrepreneurs about business start-ups through training and programs. This learning will drive them to genuine, long-lasting systemic, professional advancement. Hence, granting programs for young entrepreneurs is a key part of our strategy to improve their market outcomes. Our team works together to generate systemic change,” explained the CEO of Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust.

Young people have been hit hardest in the marketplace by this pandemic. GOYOUTH has committed to embedding the views and experiences of young Asian entrepreneurs and the challenges they are facing in this challenging time. GOYOUTH provides a space for them to engage in their work and share their thoughts, experiences, challenges, ideas, and solutions.

“With our dedication to creating a comfortable way to start out a business anywhere, our Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust’s foundation will develop entrepreneurial spirits among the Asian young leaders,” said Alex Tan. “We strive to make productive opportunities in order that Asian young leaders can build their thriving businesses which will function as a bridge within the world,” he added.

“GOYOUTH will provide guidance, training, and programs for developing business skills among young entrepreneurs. Many of us have seen crises before, but for young people, they have never experienced this. With the number of companies closing or furloughing staff, they won’t begin to hire people again for a while. There might be no way where one will be able to progress in their chosen career any time soon. As we move to economic recovery, we need to prioritise those young people who find themselves in need of support, and encourage them to establish their own career,” said Alex Tan, CEO of Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust.

Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust’s new foundation, GOYOUTH also provides digital exchanges to foster a greater understanding of business start-ups. “We have established a trust with our customer base supported by reviews, consultation, and networking. Our investment will be used to scale our platform and invest in our future entrepreneurs and help them develop their business skills further,” said CEO of Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust Alex Tan.

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