Keep allergies at bay with a sensational Equator Super Combo EZ 5000 CV washing machine.

India, 13th May 2021-Keeping Innovation their primary agenda, Equator Appliances, has again won the edge over their competitors by launching Allergen feature in their already versatile Equator Super Combo EZ 5000 CV washing machine. That is why they were able to achieve the prestige of being the winner of CEDIA Expo for Best of Show for Most Innovative and Unique Products. With the mission to provide Innovative, Practical, Top-Quality Appliances that save time, space, and energy, they are continuously striving to make people’s lives stress-free with their Innovation.

The convertible Vented and Ventless washing machine is introduced with an advanced feature that includes 12 India-specific wash cycles. It includes Daily, Sports, Saree, Eco, Quick, Delicate, Prewash, Heavy, Allergy/Bedbug, Quiet, and Wool. Among these features, Allergen is ushered to eliminate dust mites that cause a toll on people’s health and prohibits them from ensuring overall health and wellness. The 12 India-specific wash cycles use antimicrobial treatment technology in the drum baffles to avoid the growth of bacteria to keep your clothes safe.

The Allergen features work in such an impressive manner that it cleans clothes and eliminates harmful dust mites which are tiny bugs that live in dust and cause allergies including hay fever (sneezing and runny nose) and asthma (wheezing and difficulty in breathing), contamination within the home and also be a health hazard.

This washing machine is introduced with colors white and silver, giving the buyers enough choices. Apart from this, it is universally applauded for its convertible Vented and Ventless feature. Making it the only combo in the world that offers an optional Vented (using hot air) or Condensing dry (using water) that can be changed according to the season at the touch of a button by the user. Thus, featuring it as a masterpiece. Other features include built-in diagnostics, which makes user friendly. With its Allergen feature, it’s must-purchase equipment for any household that wants to ensure the entire family’s safety and security, especially during this pandemic. It starts at the nominal price range of 59,000; the washing machines come in 9 kgs weight load capacity. The product is available with 2 years warranty on the brand’s website and through top retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Croma.

About Equator Advanced Appliances

Established in 1991 by Indian-origin Atul Vir, Equator Advanced Appliances is located in Houston, Texas, and has a presence across North America, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Vietnam. The company offers the most efficient, highest quality, and technologically advanced appliances. Its range of appliances includes Combo Washer-Dryers, Washers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Cleaning Appliances, Air-Conditioners, and Cooktops Equator’s vision is to make appliances that ease labor, time, and energy in doing household chores. The company has designed best-in-class technology that saves Energy, Water, and Detergent. The products also help reduce pollutants, which contaminate water resources. The brand is committed to the global responsibility towards managing Earth’s resources and preventing waste without any loss of performance.

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