The world is changing. Pandemic brought new normalities to every life. As the world shifts gears to adapt to a new and changing work culture, Planet of Students, a Chennai-based Career Development Company is here to offer students an outstanding opportunity to equip themselves with high-end skills. The courses offered by Planet of Students will be an asset to the future of learners as they cover all vital areas of the corporate workplace. The detailed syllabus and relevance of the subject offered by Planet of Students make them a very unique career development service provider.

Exclusive features of Planet of Students:

  1. Printed Certificates: Planet of students provide certificates both in the digital and printed version. This is first-of-a-kind such that no other e-learning platforms accompany printed certificates towards the end of the course. Planet of Students will send the hard copy of the certificates to the address given by the learners
  2. 24×7 Chat support: Planet of Students comes with a 24×7 virtual chat support system. This will assist students with questions regardless of their learning time. Clear doubts while you are studying!

The Career Advancement Course

Mastering the skills of the corporate world was never this easy! Planet of Students is here with the career advancement course to reinforce your abilities on both an individual and professional front. Considering the busy schedule of learners, all courses are formulated in a short and crispy manner that will make you understand the concepts in no time. With this novel approach, you can finish the whole course in just 3.5 hours! Crafted and refined by the experienced hands of industry-trained professionals, the Career Advancement Course folds five significant topics into one. They are:

  • SCRUM – An Agile Framework

Scrum is a lightweight agile framework that helps people, teams, and organizations to generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems. Initially, the Scrum framework was formalized to be used in software development projects, but now it is also used in the fields of construction, automotive, aerospace, accounting and finance, government projects, and so on. The course comes with the opportunity to explore all sides of the SCRUM and promotes the effective use of this framework

  • APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)

APQP is related to the automotive industry and combines various procedures and techniques used to create commodities in an enterprise or organization. This course will help you to understand the specifically standardized set of requirements to enable businesses to formulate a product that satisfies the customer.

  • Cyber Security Awareness

This course assists you with cybersecurity practices. This learning can save you from the online malpractices of the workplace, home, or anywhere else.  Additionally, well-trained hands in cybersecurity can bring trust in your customers, leading to more business and profit. The course will cover all aspects of where you can possibly get hoaxed while working online.

  • POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) in the Workplace

The workplace should be safe! This subject of POSH will help all employees and employers in defining sexual harassment and understand the activities that come under sexual violence. The peculiarity of this course is that it gives equal importance to all genders since every gender is prone to sexual harassment. Have a better workplace!

  • Stress Management in the Workplace

Every job has a certain amount of stress involved in it. So, this course comes with the tools and techniques to tackle this stress while working and lead a happy life. Mental health is the key to successful professional life. The course will help you to enhance your decision-making ability, productivity, and overall growth of the organisation.

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