A ghost kitchen also known as a delivery-only restaurant, virtual kitchen, shadow kitchen, commissary kitchen, cloud kitchen, or dark kitchen is a professional food preparation and cooking facility set up for the preparation of delivery-only meals.

A.S.K Institute of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, Bangalore has introduced new skills and training to meet changing demands. Post pandemic the demand for home delivery of food has increased drastically. Even five-star hotels have tied up with Online food delivery applications to deliver food to the doorstep of the customers.

ASKIHMCA acknowledges that the pandemic changed the way foodservice does business. Skill training queries for cloud kitchen setup are increasing these days. Culinary training will now include how to make beautiful food in a to-go container.” Integrated into the coursework will be recipe development for items that will maintain their integrity during travel ” says Director, Antony Mahendran of ASKIHMCA.

A.S.K Institute of Culinary Arts Bangalore would be the first culinary institute in India to specialize students in signature takeaway menus that can stay fresh for a longer time during travel. Students would be taught how to represent the restaurant well when food is packaged and carried out. Culinary students henceforth would also learn about ghost kitchens, and how to do that well as a part of their Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts and International Master Diploma in Culinary Arts programs recognized by the renowned World Association of Chefs’ Societies.

The restaurant business is no longer based entirely on putting food on a china plate and serving it. Graduates may need to explore other revenue streams as well. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) would now play a vital role in the culinary and hospitality curriculums. Following strict HACCP standards in all kitchens would increase food safety from all the biological hazards especially during this pandemic.

Antony Mahendran further added that “There will be further changes for sure. “ We’re looking closely at how things are evolving, and ASKIHMCA has a mechanism to be reflective and pro-active”.