Versatility, innovation, and push for energy efficiency in large appliances are observed to be the key theme in the Hitachi ACs. We offer a complete catalog of ACs ranging from residential to commercial, from split to windows, and from inverter-based to fixed speed one. How many times has it happened that you wake up in the middle of the night feeling too cold? Well, that’s because as the night progresses temperature dips a little. Keeping in mind all such problems that are faced by our customers, we bring forward some premium air conditioners that are packed with brilliant features. For us, ordinary cooling has no value. iSee and iSmart technologies are some of the new premium technologies that we have used for all the new products. Take a look at the best features along with the right models.

Features to look for in premium Hitachi models

What helped us to achieve a good market share, and get recognized by customers was our amazing features. Our premium new range has all the features that you would to experience. If you are investing in these technologies, you will find value in your investment.

  • iSense Technology: ACs with the iSense detects human movement during sleep. In case of no active movement, AC then increases the thermostat temperature by one centigrade per hour for the next two hours. This way comfortable and uninterrupted sleep is completely ensured.
  • Expandable inverter: Every air conditioner comes with a specific capacity to cool. However, our expert team has come up with an expandable inverter technology where the capacity of cooling can be increased if the heat outside is too much. You will get 100{8fb2112685ef72ae2c561c0cfc3b2bf2f013389ad9454ca5c40ab059333b1d35} cooling even when the temperature is 43 degrees and more.
  • 4-way swing: The new technology of 4-way swing helps the machine to blow the air in multiple directions. This way you will get the cool air in every corner of the room. It is not that only one portion of the room gets the maximum cooling and the other gets the minimum. This technology ensures that you are getting a uniform cooling experience.
  • Filter clean indicator: Hitachi is known for excellence and you will get an air conditioner that comes with a filter clean indicator so that you get clean and fresh air without any interruption.

Some premium Hitachi AC models


Summing up

Hitachi inspires life with amazing quality and comfort. The range of premium air conditioners is gaining a lot of prominences and has achieved a good market cap. We aspire to offer you the best cooling experience and gift you an amazing range of comfort with extensive cooling. Compare the price of the best window AC 1 ton price in India among other brands and Hitachi wins it.