The Audio Engineering Society’s International Conference on Audio Education was held from 22nd to 24th of July 2021, at the Middle Tennessee University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, U.S.A. This conference was streamed virtually in which 102 faculty, experts and guests presented 42 research papers that highlighted current trends in audio engineering curriculum from across the globe. The music and sound departments of world-wide universities participated in this event. A research paper titled ‘Soft Skills & Personality Development training program enhancing the productivity of Media related professionals’ from India caught everyone’s attention. This paper has been co-authored by Dr. Pramod Chandorkar and Prof. Shraddha Sankulkar. With their more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Chandorkar, an eminent Sound Engineer and Founder-Director of Soundideaz Academy Mumbai, India and Prof. Sankulkar, a Psychologist, Educator & Founder-Director of Mind Matterz’s School of Emotional Intelligence Mumbai, India, investigated the quality & effectiveness of the mind management-based training program, which Soundideaz Academy conducts, since its establishment in 2010.

The paper highlights the importance & effectiveness of inclusion of ‘soft skills & personality development training’ modules, besides the technical modules taught in a sound engineering & music production-based course at academy. The unique training program, which the paper proposes, has been tried and tested at Soundideaz Academy for the past 10 years. As informed by Dr. Chandorkar, “Every student at the academy has to undergo audio & music theory related technical training as well as soft skills training pertaining to communication skills, team-building skills, assertiveness management, stress management & interpersonal relationship management to name a few”.  The research paper confirms the success of the holistic training approach adopted by the academy that aims towards the over-all development of the audio-professionals that graduate from the academy. The Audio Engineering Society & the dignitaries at the conference appreciated & have recognized the pioneering effort done by Soundideaz Academy, to give equal importance to both technical education & also the soft-skill management aspect of grooming an audio professional.

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