Since the dawn of the digital age, Internet users have used creative means to communicate with each other. The original focus on text eventually evolved into rich media, resulting in richer and more engaging content and interactions. Currently, video is king among media. All over the world, video-sharing platforms are providing education, entertainment, and interaction between internet users. Indian internet users are active users of video streaming platforms. However, unlike China, South Korea, and Japan, there has never been a purely Indian video platform in our country. Indian netizens have always had to make do with foreign internet and mobile internet applications.

Atoplay is India’s premier video-sharing platform. It enables Indian creators to share their ideas with a global audience. Atoplay allows creators to categorize their content by interests, such as entertainment, gaming, education, music, etc. This makes it easy for audiences to find interesting and engaging content. Verified creators can upload videos up to 4GB in size, while non-verified creators are limited to 2GB. Also, Atoplay is a revenue stream for creators. They can earn money from the videos they post on AtoPlay. However, to qualify for monetization, creators and their content must adhere to Atoplay’s guidelines, policies, and terms of use.

AtoPlay firmly believes in the power of education. Therefore, AtoPlay contributes to the education sector by supporting educators and facilitating the availability of free educational videos. The expectation is that it will contribute to the empowerment of underprivileged Indians, especially during this global pandemic.

Atoplay was founded in 2019 by Bluedoors Technologies Private Limited, a promising company based in Punjab-Jalandhar. Currently, the company is headed by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, the founder, and CEO of the company. Atoplay, an innovative video-sharing platform, is now a way to connect people across the world through the power of videos.

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