In the wake of the second wave of Corona, the lockdown imposed in England has reduced infection cases by 30 per cent. This has been claimed in a study at Imperial College London. Boris Johnson’s government imposed strict restrictions for a month before Christmas here.

Before the lockdown went into effect on November 5, cases of infection in the UK were increasing rapidly. But after the strict restrictions at the national level, extreme reduction was observed. More than 1.6 million cases have been reported in the UK so far, while 58,000 people have died.

Researchers found that after the lockdown, an infection of only 10,000 people was detected on a population of 10,000 people. Earlier this number was close to 132. The study also showed that the most infected northern and northwestern regions also saw a 50 percent reduction in positive cases.

The study team admitted that this proves that strict restrictions are necessary in areas where infection is spreading rapidly. These results come at a time when the lockdown period is coming to an end this week in Britain.

Prime Minister Johnson is facing sharp backlash from the opposition and legal experts over the lockdown. He believes that the government should implement tiered system in a phased manner rather than lockdown.