Dr. Diva Kant Misra, who is an internationally acclaimed Retina & Eye Surgeon was recently awarded the prestigious Dr. Gangadhar Maiti Memorial Oration Award 2022 by the Association of Community Ophthalmologists of India (ACOIN) at the Calcutta Medical College, Kolkata (West Bengal). The oration award is given to those who have done extraordinary work in the field of community ophthalmology.

Dr. Diva Kant Misra is known for his exemplary work in the field of Retina Surgery and other complicated disorders of the eye. He is the founding Medical Director of Swarnjyoti Eye Hospital, Lucknow, and is the Head of Swarnjyoti Institute of Retina Surgery, Lucknow.

Dr. Diva Kant Misra has numerous international awards to his credit like the Achievement Award by Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, Bangkok 2019, Ophthalmic Hero of India 2020, 2019 & 2018, and Star of India Award, 2020. The Yasuo Tano Award from Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, Singapore in 2017 and The APVRS Award by Asia Pacific Vitreoretinal Society, Malaysia in 2018, and the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology Best of Best Award 2018 and 2019.

He has been regularly invited as faculty at various international conferences like the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO), European Retina (EURETINA), World Ophthalmology Congress, etc.