To uplift the spirit of the cancer patients the entire team celebrated the day with great enthusiasm. The programme was attended by Shri Sankha Subhra Devbarman, Regional Director, India Tourism North East; Dr. Bibhash Chandra Goswami, Director, State Cancer Institute; Dr. Devajit Choudhury, Superintendent, State Cancer Institute; Dr. Neelakshi Mahanta, Professor Medical Oncology, Dr. NK Kalita, Professor & Consultant of Oncology, State Cancer Institute; Dr. Saumen Bharatiya, President of  Byatikram MASDO, the faculty members and staff of the State Cancer Institute and many others. The program started from 11:30 AM onward with the felicitation of the eminent guests followed by the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony.

Marking the occasion Shri Sankha Subhra Devbarman delivered his valuable speech to support and encourage the cancer patients, also highlighting the importance of medical and wellness tourism in the country. He further mentioned the various efforts that are being taken by MOT under ‘Fit India’ movement and Yoga (International Yoga Day is now one of the biggest event of MOT) as disease like cancer could be prevented through healthy lifestyle promoted by wellness tourism.

The same was followed upon by other eminent guests with a message to prevent early diagnosis, taking proper treatment and to spread the message to break some myths and superstitions related to cancer to the world as well as in the scientific society. After sharing their valuable speeches, the program was proceeded by the cake cutting ceremony beautifully baked with the “I am and I Will” theme in order to celebrate the occasion. In the end of the program, foods were distributed among the cancer patients and a few essential items were also provided to the patients. The program was concluded on a positive note.