AmberFlux EdgeAI has been named as one of the “Edge companies to watch in 2021” by STL Partners. The entries spanned from global, established companies to new ventures providing a rich snapshot of the growing edge computing ecosystem.

“This award reiterates our strategy to provide a compelling solution to manufacturing companies. Many manufacturing companies have enhanced their systems using IOT or in the process of enhancing their systems. EdgeAI provides an economically viable solution to leverage EdgeAI for insightful inferences and actions for decision making” said Muralidhar Goparaju, CEO and Founder of AmberFlux EdgeAI.

AmberFlux’s Opus products can be integrated to existing enterprise applications or customer management solutions to enable the manufacturing companies to receive any anomaly data and alerts. This would provide these companies valuable information for predictive maintenance and critical inputs on the usage of machinery for product improvements. Many manufacturing companies have installed pre-programmed microcontrollers with pre-defined commands, but the data is not used for further enhancements or product development. Using Opus, these manufacturing companies will receive critical inputs to plan for their maintenance scheduling and planning.

With many companies investing in EdgePOP’s, we are currently developing a solution to run on Edge Servers at different POP’s to detect, analyze and infer anomalies from edge devices running on various machinery and appliances that could be due to ambient and locational parameters. Using the EdgePOP’s we can ensure that enterprises receive the relevant information for further analysis and action by the enterprise cloud systems.

About AmberFlux EdgeAI:

AmberFlux EdgeAI is a young start-up based in Hyderabad, India focusing on providing real-solutions that enterprises can implement. AmberFlux EdgeAI provides products and solutions to enable enterprises to move their cloud-based AI inferencing to edge devices. AmberFlux EdgeAI microproducts can be rapidly deployed and managed at scale with localization capabilities. Edge side microproducts include applications related to edge data management, edge computing, EdgeAI inference, and integrations with other systems. Amberflux EdgeAI solutions enable the business users to function autonomously, but at the same time leveraging on the inferences of the huge data at the backend cloud. To provide a seamless adoption of AI at Edge, AmberFlux suite of products consisting of Opus, Concerto, and Opus Dashboard provides a unique combination of tools to adopt AI at scale. AmberFlux EdgeAI Suite goes beyond the traditional AI solutions like chatbots and enables enterprises to use AI at scale.