The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, recently spoke of climate emergency declaration in the country. If this happens, the country will always be zero in 2050 or so carbon emissions in this country, which is always vigilant on the issue of environment. It will be the first country in the world to have a target of reducing carbon emissions to zero.

Prime Minister Ardern’s Labor Party won a spectacular victory for the second time in the New Zealand general election in October. Ardern, who has a strong opinion on various issues and is very active in human rights, first talked about global warming as soon as he took oath. At the same time, Parliament passed the Zero Carbon Act Zero Carbon Act. With this, climate emergency could be announced in the country within the next one week.

What is Climate Emergency
Climate Emergency is an online petition, started by Greenpeace New Zealand, an organization working on the environment. The organization appealed to the government to declare such an emergency in the country. In fact, in this very clean and green country, many changes have been seen in recent years.

The season is starting to appear more extreme than before. At the same time, many species of wild animals are declining rapidly. Even its effect is on the flora and fauna of the sea. This is the reason that the environmental organization was constantly appealing to the government for awareness before this.

year 2019 itself, Oxford Dictionary considered the biggest word of the year for Climate Emergency. Like other emergencies, Climate Emergency is also a kind of emergency, which requires immediate action. If this does not happen, the problem of global warming will become more fierce.

By the way, before 2019, many countries had declared climate emergency in New Zealand itself. These include Britain, Portugal, Canada, France and Japan. At the same time, America has not yet become a part of it. It is believed that during the Trump administration, climate change was shown to be very careless.

A report published in Vox talks about this in detail. Also, there is a mention of how Trump has reacted to global warming and climate change. Josh Freed, an activist at the Third Way, an American think tank, says that the situation is already bad and Trump’s policies have worsened it.

Trump officially broke the Paris Agreement in 2019. This agreement was related to the global environment. Not only this, while breaking the agreement, Trump also put other countries in charge. They say that India, Russia and China are not working under the three agreements and the US is investing its time and money on them. Let us know that the US had given a lot of funding to work to prevent climate change to other countries, but Trump got angry due to lack of work according to his own. As a result, the US now stands second in carbon emissions.

Carbon emission / footprint is the amount of total carbon emissions made by a single institution or individual. In terms of carbon emissions, China is the most polluting country in the world. According to data from the Global Carbon Atlas, China emits 10.06 billion metric tons of CO2 in a year. It is followed by the US, which emits 5.41 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. It is followed by India, Russia and Japan respectively.