8 Eyes Production launches an interesting concept in the regional cinema titled as GCPL.

A unique premier league of its kind was launched in the Gujarati film fraternity on 10th September 2021 by 8 Eyes Production house which is known as Gujarati Cinema Premier League (GCPL). GCPL is an exciting initiative taken to promote the culture of short films in the Gujarati cinema. The concept is very gleaming and enchanting which will have some of the best sought-after line up of illustrious artists from the regional industry with a vision to promote Gujarati short stories in the industry.

The idea was commenced by 8 Eyes Production House, a renowned production house in the Gujarati Cinema known for their music and film production who has produced four films and music videos. The founder of the production house Mr. Vipul Jambucha is a zestful personality, an industry expert and a great thinker who got inspired by the idea of sports league and thought to implement the same in the regional cinema as an exclusive premier league. With a vision to promote the culture of short stories, he thought to bring in all the leading and aspiring artists under a roof who would go together after the global pandemic. Keeping in mind the current situation of the entertainment industry where everybody has been struggling to survive and pick up the pace after the new normal, GCPL will be the platform to showcase talents of many new and aspiring artists in the industry.

This unique concept of GCPL is promoted by the leading celebrities of Gujarati cinema, Malhar Thakar and Aarohi Patel. Not only the film makers and artists will get a chance to showcase their talent but will also get a platform to promote and encourage their creativity at national and international level. With this objective, GCPL is inviting production houses from different cities of Gujarat and is all set to launch its first season in the industry which will have 4 rounds, 8 teams as production houses, 300+ artists, and technicians. An auction will be conducted through which every production house will form their own team of 8 members which will include Actor, Actress, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Music Director and Singer. Total 8 such teams will be formed with whom they will make a short film of 30 minutes. With this process, a total of 20 short films on different genres will be made in this entire premier league.

At the end of this league, GCPL AWARDS will also be organized wherein all the artists will be recognised for their outstanding performance through out the league and will be felicitated with a deserving title such as Best Film, Best Production House, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Editor, Best Cinematographer.

The season one will feature eminent artists from the industries along with leading entrepreneurs and companies taking part as sponsors would be seen in the special jury team. This concept is unique and engaging at the same time promoting regional cinema and its makers. GCPL is expected to release its exclusive content on renowned OTTs and social media soon as it is #forthegujaraticinemafromthegujaraticinema. For any further queries and concern, feel free to connect with us at [email protected].


Watch More Details at: https://youtu.be/OVJt3SS_HmQ

Visit the Website: http://gcplofficial.com