Asian DeepTech Startup ENHEROES led by Indian Geoscientist Shubhabrata Samantaray has successfully developed a novel Smart & Autonomous Responsible Super AI system prototype which claims to be the world’s First Super AI Console for Intellectual Sustainability. The invention is designed to address the Intellectual Sustainability challenges of corporations & communities across Digital Energy DeepTech Ecosystem. Shubhabrata is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad. The pre-launch event for early backers of this DeepTech utility invention is planned for the end of March 2021.

The invention aims to empower the DeepTech Ecosystem resurging from Covid19 socio-economic distress & champion Global Goals 2030. As the whole world is adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic the utility invention can be a key tool for boosting intellectual productivity while working from home as claimed by ENHEROES. The invention is meant to become a core feature of large-scale ESG compliant impact venture projects incubated by ENHEROES.

The AI invention is designed to become the Operating System of a Super Smart Console that will control a network of Sustainable Thinking Machines leveraging on a herd of goal-oriented DRL-ENNs after getting trained in a specially built machine learning facility. ENHEROES is deploying this invention to develop a global Shared Digital DeepTech Incubator facility focusing on the Digital Energy Sector.

The invention has been filed for a utility patent in 2020 after passing the criteria of novelty, Inventiveness, and commercial impact and claims to be the first of its kind responsible AI invention being promoted by an Asian Impact startup to address Intellectual Sustainability Challenges around Digital energy DeepTech Ecosystem. The invention is intended to be commercialized on a global scale and utility patents are to be filled via PCT route in April 2021 targeting regional territories like the US, UK, Canada, and ASEAN countries like Singapore, Japan who have sound Intellectual Property protection legal framework and strong industry support for using Technology for solving sustainability challenges.

Eventually, the invention shall be deployed for the betterment of larger stakeholders linked with Urban Sustainability making it resilient towards intellectual productivity losses linked to adverse socio-economic impact due to future Pandemic threats. ENHEROES has already matured the invention into multiple Intellectual utility startup ventures in-house making them investment-ready impact assets.

ENHEROES finds its invention as an opportunity to capitalize on the global DeepTech revolution to create a positive impact with attractive returns for investors using this patent-pending novel operating system powered by technologies such as AI-Blockchain-XR. As per BCG Deep Tech Companies Attract More Private Investment Funding Than Other incremental innovation-based technology companies while addressing Sustainable Development Goals. DeepTech Startups receive a median funding.

ENHEROES has created a blueprint for developing a seedbed of million new jobs around the Digital Energy sector upon commercialization of this impact-oriented Invention to be executed by a group of benefit asset corporations operating within globally connected superclusters. It’s setting up a Rapid Commercialization Vehicle to ensure a faster go-to-market transition.

“ENHEROES is committed towards “Building a Better World Together” using Technology as a Force for Good”.-Says Shubhabrata, the lead inventor of the Super AI Prototype while addressing potential investors and stakeholders of its DeepTech projects. Early backers interested in participating in initial offers & deals linked with the commercialization of this Impact Technology Invention should show interest.

ENHEROES team is organizing a virtual Press conference in March 2021 to unveil the potential application of the Responsible AI invention and inviting tech reporters from the industry to get first-hand details about the invention utility applications. Tech Reporters who feel the story is worth covering in a Technology Review & wish to attend the Press conference can reach to enheroes official website to get more details about the news. ENHEROES team will send the Press Release Kit & slide deck for their further perusal.

ENHEROESShubhabrata is going to host a series of webinars & workshops titled “How I Built World’s First Super Console for Intellectual Sustainability” exclusively for impact technology enthusiasts & Sustainability activists in an upcoming Technology Conference available freely on his debut Digital Summit Platform. He shall be sharing some hacks of indigenous research, Innovation & potential business opportunities linked with the invention around the Digital Energy DeepTech Ecosystem. The background story behind this indigenous DeepTech invention and registration link can be found at this link

ENHEROES GLOBAL ENERGY a Malaysian subsidiary of ENHREOES Group established in 2018 engaged in transforming Digital Energy Sector across ASEAN Zone. It has been featured by Indian Startup Magazine Yourstory in its Impact Startup section. For any business or media inquiry kindly reach [email protected] or fill up the contact form at

About ENHEROES Group

ENHEROES Group represents a future conglomerate of DeepTech impact ventures. It is in a mission of incubating, empowering, and engaging Futuristic Sustainable Startups & Founders through an AI-Blockchain-Extended Reality-based Intellectual Engagement Platform. These Future leaders will Co-Create a Responsible Energy Ecosystem using Digital Energy as a Force for Good to champion the Global Goals of 2030.

ENHEROES is building a global collective impact super-platform where Intellectuals around the World can engage to solve sustainability-related challenges using technology, creativity & management tools to develop a Responsible Business Culture Co-creating impactful Socio-Economic-Intellectual Values.