For 19 years, they’ve been #MakingIndiaFit and haven’t let the pandemic stop them!

Mumbai, November 2, 2021 – Gold’s Gym, which opened its first location in Venice, has grown to become the world’s largest co-ed gym network, with over 700 locations in 28 countries.
While keeping its core weight lifting legacy, Gold’s Gym has expanded its fitness profile to include all of the latest equipment and services, such as group exercise, personal training, cardiovascular equipment, spinning, and yoga.

On November 2nd, 2021, Gold’s Gym India will be celebrating its 19th anniversary. In these blissful 19 years, Gold’s Gym has established 140+ gyms across 95+ cities in India, with a few more set to open in the near future.

Celebrities, sportsmen, bodybuilders, the military, and fitness fanatics from all around the world have made Gold’s Gym their favorite gym. Most importantly, Gold’s Gym continues to make a difference in people’s lives by assisting them in realizing their full potential.

Gold’s Gym has expanded its fitness profile to offer all of the latest equipment and services, making it the best in the industry. With multiple awards for excellence under its belt, Gold’s Gym has expanded its fitness profile to offer all of the latest equipment and services, making it the best in the industry. With professional trainers and nutritional coaching, Gold’s Gym takes a holistic approach to its members’ health and well-being. “Whether you want to burn fat, tone or add muscle, build strength, boost flexibility, or improve your cardiovascular health, Gold’s Gym will help you achieve your goals. At Gold’s Gym, we believe that fitness is about more than simply having a toned figure; it’s about having the strength to face any difficulty.” says Ms. Shraddha Sheth, VP Sales, Operations and Marketing Gold’s Gym India.

Among their myriads of offerings includes Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training, Customized Goal-Based Quick Result Program, Fitness Assessment, Group Exercise Classes such as Zumba, BollySalsa, MMA, Power Yoga, Spinning, to name a few, are all available, and some of their properties also have a pool and specialized functional and circuit training areas. A bonus feature is the Travel Card, which allows you to continue working out no matter where you are in any of the 140 clubs around India.

Known for the unrivaled success of providing state-of-the-art equipment and fitness knowledge with a globally proven fitness training module and with certified trainers and nutritional counseling, they have had a comprehensive approach to the overall health and wellbeing of the members. At Gold’s Gym, it’s not only about working out but having a healthy lifestyle.

“Currently, there are 140 clubs in 90 cities across 24 states. The Gold’s Gym brand has a store footprint of 10.00 million square feet across the country. This year, we’ll be signing for one franchisee in four nations. Every year, the companies open 15 new clubs and sign up ten new regions. Before March 31, 2023, we will have crossed the 200 milestone in over 100 cities. We are also getting ready to release a new model: Gold’s Studio is a compact studio format that will open 20 studios in three years.” – Mr. Nikhil Kakkar, COO Gold’s Gym India

They’ve also done a lot of Corporate and Community Wellness Programs, reaching out to folks who want to be in shape but can’t get to the gym. They’ve put a premium on the complete experience. It’s not only about getting in shape; it’s about FITNESS, living a healthy lifestyle, and undergoing a complete metamorphosis.

The Gold’s Team is thrilled to inform that, with the support of Gold’s Gym International, its members, employees, vendor partners, and franchise partners, the brand has grown in leaps and bounds and has been able to contribute to the country’s progress. They are working towards #MakingIndiaFit and want to reach out to as many individuals as possible with fitness information.