On the auspicious day of Ganesha Chaturthi (11th September 2021), India’s first professional English guitar gear review YouTube channel in 4k “Guitar Gear Gyan” released its first series of “Beginner Ukulele Video Lessons”. The series aims to provide newbies with the ability to grasp the fundamentals of the instrument and provide a solid foundation of chords, strumming & basic scales to help learn any song. The video lessons have inbuilt tabs, chord diagrams, and dedicated jam tracks to help viewers learn thoroughly as well as clicking the timestamps to replay the parts they need to practice with. They have released 11 videos and will release 3 more batches totalling 40 videos which would cover all the essential aspects of learning the ukulele. This will be done over the course of 12 months while they continue to provide additional quality content on their YouTube channel.

Guitar Gear Gyan is an unbiased platform to review acoustic guitars, electric guitars, amplifiers, guitar parts, bass guitars, VST plugins, effect stompboxes, provide tech tips, modification examples, lessons & eventually interactions with relevant industry movers & shakers. They hope to grow into a professional review platform that makes India proud on the world stage.

The channel was founded and is spearheaded by Sahil Jagtiani, a singer-songwriter, guitarist, music label head & music producer with over 22 years of experience & 30 music releases to his name. He has produced music albums for Times Music, HMV Saregama, SSJ Productions & the Art Of Living Music. His love for the instrument propelled him to create this channel & is not afraid to call a spade a spade in helping Indian buyers make the best choices. The channel provides relevant solutions, is transparent in its approach & is a platform where viewers can share their experiences for other guitarists to benefit.

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