As the pandemic spreads its tentacles again, this time with the new variant Omicron, the situation has turned worrisome for the poor once again, especially those whose livelihood is at stake.

For such people, NGOs and social workers are no less than angels in human disguise. In the past two years, the selfless workers have provided succour to the needy by supplying free food and essential items on a daily basis.

One of the many food camps or Langar Sewa activities being carried out throughout the country by good Samaritans, in view of the growing uncertainty during pandemic, is an initiative run by Pushppal Singh Bhatia and his wife Ravneet Kaur, in Jalandhar for underprivileged kids. The duo, who are famous for their digital content on social media with their handle “That Couple Though”, run the food camp for underprivileged children every Saturday-Sunday at Kapurthala Road in Jalandhar. At this camp, 400-500 children belonging to poorest of poor families are fed meals, supplied with warm clothes and blankets, and kept safe during the harsh cold.

Pushppal and Ravneet, both parents themselves, realise the value of a nutritious meal for the children’s development. Their initiative is a means to address the grave issue of malnutrition among underprivileged children. Fortifying this further, Pushppal Singh remarked, “We as a couple have always been connected to our roots and we wanted to help bring a change in the society.

The Langar Sewa is also an integral part of the Sikh community which was started by our first Guru, following his footsteps I feel that it is our duty to give back to the community in every possible way”

His wife, Ravneet, further elaborates, “Me being a parent myself can understand the hardships that these children have to face on a day to day basis. I am happy that with this initiative we have managed to bring a small positive change in their lives.”

In this initiative, the couple is supported by Amrik Singh, another local Samaritan, who provides the space for the Langar Sewa where food & essential items are distributed among the children. To connect with them directly you can ping them at: (