Cooperation between Japan and India for the future mobility shall be announced at CES2022 and Vibrant Gujarat2022!

Japan’s EX Startup “Hello Space” shall introduce the patented new technology “Mag Drive System”, the world’s first new power generation method for electric mobility and “Smart E-bike” installed with “Mag Drive System”, a self-standing power-assisted bicycle that does not require external charging with supported by TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS INDIA PVT. LTD.

It will be unveiled at the JAPAN Pavilion of CES2022 and Vibrant Gujarat 2022! It also greatly contributes towards carbon neutrality, SDGs and sustainability!

Hello Space Co. (Headquarters: Kumamoto City, Japan Representative: Takatoshi Iwashita, hereinafter “Hello Space”) will introduce a self-standing e-bicycle “Smart E-Bike” equipped with the “Mag Drive System”, a new power generation method for mobility that uses magnetic technology. It shall promote carbon neutrality, sustainability and SDGs.

With the referral of JETRO, Hello Space will have a special exhibition at the JAPAN Pavilion of the world’s largest electronic equipment trade fair “CES2022” being held in Las Vegas and of the India’s largest exhibition “Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2022 (VG2022)”. Hello Space will also conduct a demonstration and a test-drive event for the “Mag Drive System” and the self-standing “Smart E-Bike” at the venue of VG2022.

At CES2022 and VG2022, Hello Space plans to launch the “Mag Drive System” with supported by TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS INDIA PVT. LTD., which can be installed on any bicycle or electric scooter, targeted at the developers all over the world. Hello Space aims to utilize the merit that no external charging is required in order to collaborate with mobility makers all over the world and also introduce it to the various shared cycle platforms.

About “Mag Drive System”

The “Mag Drive System” is a new technology that combines drive assist and power generation functions that utilize the characteristics of magnets. It is possible to generate electricity without magnetoresistance by using the rotation of the pedal while riding, and to supply power to the motor while charging the power storage device via the board. It can also be used in combination with regenerative braking, which is a conventional power generation technology for electric mobility. With this invention, it is possible to generate electricity not only during deceleration but also during acceleration, which significantly improves energy efficiency as compared to existing electric mobility.

About “Smart E-bike”

The “Smart E-bike” is a self-standing power-assisted bicycle that does not require external charging and is equipped with an autonomous unmanned driving function and the “Mag Drive System”. It generates electricity by using the rotation of the pedal while riding without magnetic resistance, and can supply power to the electric assist while also charging the battery. It is implemented with five stages of electric assist, and if you are riding inside the city in eco-mode the electric assist will continue semi-permanently without the need for external charging. In power-mode, a maximum of 250W of electric assist can be activated. With the exponential improvement of its power generating capacity, the battery has a capacity of 2.2Ah and its weight has been reduced to up to 1kg. The total weight, including the battery, is about 18 kg, and even if the battery is empty, you can just charge the battery while riding it as if it were a normal bicycle. It also functions as an emergency supply and storage of power in the event of a power outage.

With the launch of the “Mag Drive System” and the “Smart E-bike”, Hello Space will exponentially improve the energy efficiency of electric mobility and thereby contribute to the realization of SDGs, carbon neutrality and sustainability. In order to complete the product development of the “Mag Drive System” and “Smart E-bike” with supported by TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS INDIA PVT. LTD., Hello Space is currently seeking for financial strategic partners.

About “CES2022”

Date: 5th to 7th January, 2022

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center,

Eureka Park Area ”J-Startup/JAPAN Pavilion”

About “Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2022”

Date: 10th to 13th January, 2022

Venue: Helipad Exhibition Centre(Gujarat, India)JAPAN Pavilion

About Hello Space Co.

Founded in the year 2018, it is a start-up from Japan that deals with EX and DX. Aiming to break away from a society which is heavily dependent upon energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power plants, we are engaged in research and development of superconducting technology, new energy technology using magnets and self-sustaining next-generation mobility. We have succeeded in inventing and developing a new power generation technology “Mag Power Booster” for electric mobility with the support of the Kumamoto Prefecture Next Generation Venture Creation Consortium. We filed for a patent/ a design right in May 2021 which was then registered in September. In addition to the “Mag Power Booster for E-bike” aimed towards developers, we are also developing a “Smart E-bike” aimed towards consumers or share cycling, and a “Superconductive Mag Drive System” that superconducts technology for electric vehicles, aero mobility, and next-generation wind power generation in collaboration with Toyota Tsusho Group, Kumamoto National College of Technology, Fuji Light Metal Co. Ltd., and Okuma Electronics Co. Ltd. We are also preparing to establish a new company and fund procurement in India with the purpose of product and business development.

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