As the world ponders over the drastic effects of climate change and the imminent need to live sustainably, Hoverpro launches their foldable electric scooters for adults to make short rides more fun and environment-friendly.

Going to the store a couple of blocks away? Or maybe your office commute is for a comfortable distance such that it’s too far to walk to but too near to take a cab? Hoverpro has a fun solution for you that is environment-friendly as well. Their newly launched foldable electric scooters make up for fun memorable rides that maximize efficiency and minimize discomfort.

Hoverpro’s X1 Foldable Electric Scooters range is lightweight and portable, making it easier for you to navigate stairways and pavements. Its strong magnesium-aluminum alloy body makes it a reliable ride to even carry your luggage on it. The 350W motors and the ultra-bright 1.1W headlights, with a viewing range of up to 6 meters, turn the electric scooter into a safe ride for nighttime as well. Buyers get to choose from a range of color schemes that add to the aesthetic value of the scooter.

Speaking about their latest launch, Hoverpro founder Bhavya Malik remarked, “We are delighted to introduce foldable electric scooters (for adults) in the Indian market. Our goal has always been customer satisfaction, which reflects through our customer support policies. Our team will be always available to support riders over call and email”.

Hoverpro is India’s leading mobility solutions company that specializes in Hoverboards and Minisegways.

Established in 2014, the company has sold over 10,000 hoverboards for more than 5 years and manage to acquire a 30% market share in India. Their key feature is building safe mobility solutions at economical prices.

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