Basilica Art House, a Mumbai-based Art House & Technology Company, founded by Rex Pereira & Shreyash Mishra of the Shrex Group, has set forward its journey to change the future of art and consumerism. Basilica not only offers a marketplace for buying/selling art but also aids the commercialization of art by soliciting artists and unique art formats, ultimately connecting them with the best-suited brands or specific commissioning activities. They call their enterprise of involving art in business “Artmercial.”

Partnerships between artists and brands are not new however the scope of use has been limited. For instance, Murakami brought a new way of creationism in the storied fashion house when he was called upon to redesign Louis Vuitton’s collection. Basilica Art House is looking at affixing more of such successful partnerships on a larger scale with a wide range of changes.

Art has compound effects within the organization and is not just a major player in how the company is looked at but also how the people who work within it and come into contact with it, feel.  Both about the business and themselves. Artwork can be used to change the outlook of a product. Art is an opportunity for companies to help clients, visitors and employees get to know and get a feel for what and who the organization is. The use of art in the workplace encourages and promotes interactions, stimulates emotional responses, and fosters personal relationships.

The Future of Art Investments

“We believe that Digital Art has a huge potential and is similar to tech startups. You can invest in artworks to generate positive ROI for you. People think investing large amounts in art is stupid and they’re going to be proved wrong at a cosmic level. It’s similar to holding commodities. The industry as such hasn’t been innovating a lot but it is about time now and Basilica is at the crux of this change,” said Rex Pereira, CEO of Basilica Art House.

The rise of NFTs recently brought a new touch to the world of art investments. Basilica Art House is pioneering new opportunities with how “art as an asset” can be made extremely profitable. Currently, Basilica is featuring an amazing digital art collection called the Mastery of Eternity which is rumored to attract a value exceeding $100 Million from an esoterically-inclined, visionary buyer. We’re yet to find out who will own it!