Ideation Technology Solutions is an Analytics, IoT and Data Sciences product and solution provider based out of Kolkata serving Indian and international clients for the last 12 years.

With proven solutions in Transport and Logistics, Pharma and Healthcare, BFSI and Digital Transformation, Ideation has a strong core group of talented professionals and data scientists. Its customers include the World Bank Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Allianz,, Govt of West Bengal, Adobe and many more. It is the development agency for the popular transport app, Pathadisha, used by more than 700,000 commuters in the city of Kolkata. Recently, Ideation worked with the state government of West Bengal and the Metro Rail in Kolkata to introduce the ePass system for commuters on the metro rail with a view of prevent overcrowding by enabling commuters to pre-book their travel slots. For Sanjoy Chatterjee, the founder and CTO of Ideation. “This is a great opportunity for us to join a network of a global organization with the same ambition and values as well as complementary skills and geographical spread. We are excited to expand the global reach for our products and solutions in the international, especially the US market and to grow our organization significantly and rapidly to cater to new and existing customers.”

Founded by experienced leaders with a proven track record, for Visionaize, this merger is part of the Company’s overall AI and data management strategy and enables it to expand into the exciting and growing fields of data engineering and AI services with new and existing customers. Ideation will complement Visionaize current offerings of AI platform and data management solutions with AI services and data engineer experts with a view to an industry leader in AI and data-related solutions.

Ideation Technology Solutions“The merger with Ideation is a key element of our strategic business plan to have a cohesive and lasting advantage in data and AI solutions, and we are pleased with how everything is coming together,” said Vikas Agrawal, CEO of Visionaize. “With Ideation, we can accelerate our AI solutions revenue growth through the addition of proven field consulting expertise with enterprise and global clients. This will help our customers execute on their AI strategy and speed up their project implementations. IDC predicts that AI solutions revenue will expand to $52.2 billion in 2021 with over a 45 percent growth rate, we are aggressively going after this market, and the merger will definitely accomplish our objective to expand and scale our AI and Virtual Reality Solutions capabilities.”