Influencer Marketing Platform is the platform for brands to connect with Influencers is proud to launch its new Instagram influencer marketing service in India.

This new service will help brands to connect with 10000+ Instagram influencers on the go. One of the major attributes of the service that sets it apart is its pricing which is cheaper than any other Influencer marketing platform in India.

Instagram influencer marketing is a service that aims to help brands stand out in the digital landscape through custom-made influencer marketing plans, reaching out to 10000+ real influencers on Instagram.

The brands can then connect with influencers and choose the relevant ones for collaboration. To make the campaign a success, IMP takes care of the entire campaign operation starting from connecting with influencers to delivering measurable results.

Instagram as a platform allows you to enhance your products and your brand. The network offers you the possibility of highlighting the image of your brand. Insta influencer marketing develops your brand’s reputation in a purely visual way and brings the community to conversion.

How Influencer Marketing Platform collaborates with Influencers?

  1. Selection – The platform has developed its influencer database, each influencer can register freely on the website. At the same time, the agency has put in place, using a tool, a permanent watch to detect new trends and new profiles. For each campaign, a project manager contacts the selected influencers to brief them on the project and define with them the terms of the contract, type of publication, image rights… the amount of remuneration.
  2. Support – The project manager is the intermediary between the influencer and the brands. A trusted third party will aim to match the needs of a campaign with the expectations of the influencer. He also has an operational role, for example, he is in charge of having the content validated by the brand. He will also take care of validating the various administrative aspects of the campaign, quotes, legal disclaimers, etc.
  3. Tracking – Once the promotion activity is completed by the influencers, the project manager makes sure that all the deliverables have been met. He later tracks the performance of the posts shared by the influencers and shares measurable results.

How does it work for brands?

  1. Share the deliverables – You choose on which network (s) your campaign will take place and your target, the creative content you want, and the budget made available.
  2. Receive proposals – You receive collaboration proposals for each content creator who positions themselves on your campaign.
  3. Select the creators – IMP provides you with the essential data (engagement, target …) to select the creators of relevant content in relation to your campaign and your objectives.
  4. Validate the content – Selected content creators will send the pre-published content to you for validation. Once the validation is done, the creator will share his content with his community.

“Our aim is to make the influencer marketing activities a smooth and transparent process for both brands and influencers. That’s the reason why we have come with a platform where brands can connect with influencers and get started with their influencer campaign.”, says Deepanshu Nasa, Co-Founder, Influencer Marketing Platform.