Jitendra Kapoor is the Non-Executive Director of KBJ Group, a multi-industry company founded in 2005. Having a key role in a business that operates in real estate, hospitality, jewellery, bullion, and agricultural sectors is a prominent task. Jitendra Kapoor recently talked about KBJ Group and his role in the company.

Being in diverse fields, KBJ Group has always had a unique set of goals, strategies, and challenges. As the non-executive director, it is Jitendra Kapoor’s job to ensure that the company is always at the best of its game in all its projects. “I always strive to constructively challenge the company’s leaders and elevate the potential of all that they plan,” said Jitendra Kapoor, talking about his role at KBJ Group.

Jitendra Kapoor acknowledged that diversifying into multiple sectors is a crucial reason behind the company’s success. “My independent oversight and advice are always tailored to the specific given venture of KBJ Group,” elaborated Jitendra Kapoor on the subject of how he oversees different companies under the KBJ Group. He further added that in-depth research of the market and of the company’s functioning are the main factors that drive his work.

Jitendra KapoorReflecting on the journey of KBJ Group, Jitendra Kapoor is positive about the company’s current standing in the market. He believes that given the team of experts, dedicated employees, and the vision of the business, KBJ Group is bound to witness further excellence and success.