The cryptocurrency market has grown at a pace like never. According to available data, more than 5,300 types of cryptocurrencies are currently traded in the market, with a total market capitalization of over US $ 200 billion. The latest market research estimates predict that the global bitcoin payments ecosystem will grow to US $ 630 million by 2025, with double-digit annual growth of 23.4{8fb2112685ef72ae2c561c0cfc3b2bf2f013389ad9454ca5c40ab059333b1d35} between 2020 and 2025.

However, security and authenticity are significant factors when it comes to Cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. The blockchain industry in India is now one of the fastest-growing industries. When you deal in cryptocurrencies, you surely want a payment gateway to trade, buy and sell digital currencies. With all the features in mind, the environment should be safe and secure, providing you with real-time price updates.

Badrinath Mutkule, Founder & CEO of Kointrack

Kointrack, an Indian cryptocurrency startup platform, is becoming the number one choice among cryptocurrency traders and digital currency enthusiasts who are looking for a secure crypto wallet and trading platform.

Kointrack gives you the option to pay with cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin, and thirty other such currencies. You have additional features to receive statements of your payments and can also withdraw them for as little as a 1{8fb2112685ef72ae2c561c0cfc3b2bf2f013389ad9454ca5c40ab059333b1d35} fee. Surprisingly, there aren’t any hidden charges to worry about either.

“Kointrack is not only safe, secure, feature-proof, and constantly updated, but also performs the entire payment process with acceptable trading fees. Granted, there are plenty of payment gateways out there that promise to provide you with all of this. Still, only a few of them quite deliver the results.”, says Badrinath Mutkule, Founder & CEO of Kointrack.

Badrinath Mutkule has worked with various startups for more than 10 years in technical roles, with experience in software development and Blockchain technology.

Kointrack is a digital currency platform that allows individuals and businesses of all sizes to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There are about thirty other major cryptocurrencies, including XRP, ETH, and LTC, with many others still as online and traditional payment methods. Moreover, with the payment options, you can also do Bitcoin Trading in the market as an individual or an organization owner.

As a cryptocurrency trader, you can simply get your registration and then market and sell the products with payments in Fiat, Bitcoin, and other supported cryptocurrencies. There are many payment options to choose from, which makes Kointrack one of the most versatile and customer-friendly cryptocurrency platforms in India.

“The problem with digital currencies or the market is that the platforms that process them are somewhat unreliable regarding the initial tax or reduction. Kointrack, on the other hand, gives you very reliable and user-friendly prices so that Cryptocurrencies traders can sell and buy digital currencies with Kointrack without paying high charges. We know chargebacks can be frustrating and threaten livelihoods. So, we have provided you with a payment portal with Zero Chargeback when you send and receive payments.” Says Badrinath.

It gives you an option called Buy and Trade in various cryptocurrencies instantly, with your own credit and debit card. The funds go directly into your own wallet, which is reserved for digital currencies.

“To get a wider selection of digital currencies as payment for services or products, it is important to have a proper payment process. Kointrack platform also allows you to track orders, manage your income, and accept payments as Crypto. This system is integrated into the platform for both bricks and mortar stores and online stores as well as.”, says Badrinath.

Kointrack is best for investors looking to trade cryptos without making currency deposits or other things. A separate wallet is provided through which you can hold digital currency at no cost. With different integrations, you can transfer cryptos through gift cards, and it all happens in a really user-friendly environment with exceptionally low fees. All in one, if you love Crypto and are looking for a perfect platform for your trading, then Kointrack is the best one to consider.