E2E Networks Joins Hands With K-Tech Center of Excellence for Data Science & AI – powered by NASSCOM to Pave Way to an AI-driven digital future


India’s largest NSE-listed cloud provider E2E Networks has partnered with KTechCoE Data Science & AIGovernment of Karnataka (GoK) – powered by NASSCOM, a pivotal initiative by GoK to foster disruptive innovation by creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem and create quality human capital to meet the AI talent requirements. NASSCOM is a not-for-profit industry association in India, is the apex body for the 180 billion dollar Indian IT BPM industry.


The partnership comes at a time when the world is fighting a pandemic, and cloud-based technology is taking massive leaps to help the economy. KTechCoE DS & AI has a great role to play as an evangelist and driver of AI enabled growth; Its vision is “to harness the potential of AI for augmenting the state’s and so the country’s innovation ecosystem and create multiplier impact on economy, industry and society “


The symbiotic partnership will entail benefits for both the parties. E2E Networks will get access to KTechCoE DS&AI accelerated companies, and this will help them accelerate AI Innovation in India. It will also reap the direct benefits of the joint activities conducted by KTechCoE DS&AI

Nasscom-For KTechCoE DS&AI accelerated MSMEs and Innovators, there will be an exclusive discount, which will also gain access to latest NVIDIA GPUs via cloud servers from E2E at highly affordable prices to run their artificial intelligence loads, which includes high-performance computing, machine learning, deep learning and data science workloads.


The tie-up shall provide a leg up to enable deep research benefiting various industries as well as the Government so that everyone can benefit. KTechCoE DS&AI, since its inception, has been driving the acceleration the adoption of AI solutions by user enterprises and public sector by creating toolkits, processes, and frameworks. It enables convergence of technological advancements and industry developments with deployable Data Science and AI Innovations. Also develop skills to ensure talent pipeline to meet the growing requirements for AI professionals.


E2E Networks offers the latest GPUs – NVIDIA® A100 Tensor Core GPU, NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU, and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000. When combined with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) solutions for Quadro workstations, creative and technical professionals are able to work from anywhere, including their home offices, and run compute and graphics-intensive applications for CAD, digital content creation, simulation, and rendering.


KTechCoE DS&AI strengthens itself with constructing the architecture that is integral to the core development of the Data Science & AI sector through policy advocacy. This helps a sector set up the strategy and goals to unleash its complete potential and also reach out and dominate new arenas.


KTechCoE DS & AI are very positive about the future of AI in India and particularly in Karnataka. “The biggest impediment faced by AI MSMEs and Innovators today is access to AI processing capability and flexible scaling of capacity. Which is very Capital intensive and hard to come by for AI Startups working on carefully prioritized budgets. Through this tie-up, we are simply enabling what our MSMEs and Innovators asked for. Not only will it help our network of Data Science & AI companies to focus on Innovation rather than CapEx, but also help them accelerate their speed of AI innovation than it already is. The pandemic has ushered in an era where working remotely is the new normal. We think this is how the MSME and corporate world will function over the next few decades, and the transformation needs an OpEx model for AI processing needs. E2E Networks will help our Innovators jump to a completely digital work-board in the near future” said Krishna Prabu, Technical Director, KtechCoE DS&AI

E2E NetworksE2E Networks can help businesses deploy NVIDIA GPU-accelerated solutions for modern workloads in the cloud, including AI, data science, HPC, and virtual workstations for specialized engineering and graphical remote work.


“Our collaboration with KTechCoE DS&AI allows us to play a significant role in helping KTechCoE DS&AI incubated startups and members run their AI/ML training/inference, data science, NLP, computer vision, and professional graphics workstation workloads,” said Tarun Dua CEO of E2E Networks.

“Internet accessible GPU-accelerated machine learning and deep learning servers are helping run the specialized Artificial Intelligence learning and inference workloads in an increasingly remote-first world,” added Tarun.


About E2E Networks

E2E Networks Ltd is an India focused Cloud Computing Company founded by Tarun Dua and Mohamed Imran and was the first to bring contract-less cloud computing to the Indian startups and SMEs. E2E Networks Cloud has been used by many successfully scaled up startups in the Indian Startup Ecosystem. E2E Networks is very focused on all kinds of workloads including AI/ML, Computer Vision and Virtual Graphics workstations available on pay as you go basis through its self-service Cloud Platform.


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