By Abhishek Rastogi, National Head-Strategy & Solutions, Liferay India

With the pace of digital transformation increasing post Covid, the enterprises are now demanding faster release schedules, personalized customer experience and a greater need to reinvent how organizations operate. The term low-code development platform has been steadily gaining traction in the business world and according to Gartner, low-code will be responsible for more than 65{8fb2112685ef72ae2c561c0cfc3b2bf2f013389ad9454ca5c40ab059333b1d35} of application development activity by 2024 and the pressure to deliver digital solutions to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this adoption.

Low code is a term given to platforms that can help users rapidly build and deploy custom applications with less coding than traditional development. It breaks the traditional silos of business and IT to promote continuous collaboration. Increased business demand for digital transformation platforms and a shortage of skilled developers have propelled the adoption of low-code development platforms to the forefront. The ability to build and deploy apps quickly and efficiently can be a game-changer in the current environment.

COVID showed us that a low code platform can help organizations adapt to massive disruption by quickly combining human and digital labor in the same workflow. This is what makes low-code essential to surviving and thriving in the COVID new normal. Low code digital experience platforms offer business user empowerment to help deliver successful digital transformation projects, with less reliance on digital expertise and IT teams.

We believe Liferay DXP provides a low-code application development environment that gives enterprises an edge by giving Business users, developers, and IT exactly the tools they need – when and where they need them.

As we know that successful digital businesses require platforms that are built on solid, reliable IT and Liferay DXP provides all elements that can be used by both business users and IT to enable digital transformation in an enterprise. Liferay DXP has been providing multiple capabilities like Forms, Workflows, WYSIWYG Editors, Page Templates , Collaboration Tools etc. to quickly create content and develop applications. With the recent Liferay DXP 7.3 release, Liferay transformed the DXP solution into a true low code platform with App Builder capability. As its name implies, this application empowers business users with an intuitive GUI to define forms and table views and leverage workflows to build applications rapidly with the goal of digitizing and automating business processes.

Benefits of low-code development

Liferay DXP helps business users in creating an app themselves using app builder and simplifying the development process for coders by automating manual processes and thus makes it easier than ever to create flexible apps to get specific tasks done.

Improved Agility

  • Rapidly deliver apps that your business needs with the existing talent
  • Improve developer productivity with low-code attributes, such as a development toolkit (based on developer experience), a graphical user interface, reusable components, and more.

Higher Productivity

Low-code development allows more apps to be built in less time. What used to take months can be reduced to days…even hours.

  • Easily and quickly build new pages with designed, reusable components. Create fragments with out-of-the-box elements and component sets
  • Enable faster decision making among cross-functional teams with built-in collaboration tools
  • Empower business users to drag and drop from a generous collection of out-of-the-box widgets for different business needs that can be easily added to any page.

Reduced Costs

With the ability to build more apps in less time, costs decrease. Low-code development reduces the need for more developers, reducing hiring costs. And Liferay DXP low-code platform can make everyone in the organization—not just IT—more productive.

  • Use one DXP platform to automate multiple B2C, B2B and B2E use cases across enterprise
  • Supports multi-tenant configurations via multiple website/portal/application instances in a single web container.

Better Customer Experience

With a low-code DXP platform, organizations can quickly adapt to market changes or customer needs.

  • Achieve greater control over managing personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints for rapid delivery of user experiences.
  • Business users can easily define audience segments with robust rules for fine-grained personalization and engage these segments with a range of personalized experiences across pages, navigation and assets.

In the post Covid era, digital transformation is a critical success factor for modern business and Liferay DXP provides a modern, powerful, yet business-friendly digital platform that allows organizations to fast-track the digital transformation journey at rapid speed. A low-code DXP platform removes complexity from building great, modern business apps. With these low-code benefits, organizations are better equipped to quickly adapt and respond to fast-changing business conditions.

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