Japanese comedian and bodybuilder Nakayama Kinni-kun has released the music video of a cover song ‘Muscles Please!’ worldwide recently. He made this cover song video in collaboration with singer, Singing Cosplayer Hikari, who is internationally well known.

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Nakayama Kinni-kun is a popular Youtuber with over 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel called, “The Kinniku TV (The Muscle TV)”. Singing Cosplayer Hikari is also a famous YouTuber who has been consistently releasing her work to the world. She has released 25 cover songs in total and her songs have been viewed over 8.1 million times. Her cover song of ‘Yume to Hazakura’ was ranked No.1 on the J-POP charts of 14 countries. In the music video of the cover song of “Muscles Please!” they showed the pair muscle training and dancing humorously and this music video has been released on both of their YouTube channels.

Singing Cosplayer Hikari :  Premier release at 00:00(JAPAN TIME) on Wednesday January 26th

The Kinniku TV (The Muscle TV) Release at 19:00 (JAPAN TIME) on Wednesday January the 26th

The original song ‘Muscles Please!’ is the opening theme song of the TV anime “How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?”. This anime song is very popular both inside and outside of Japan and has been viewed over 240 million times on YouTube. This music video, which is a collaboration between Nakayama Kinni-kun and Singing Cosplayer Hikari, is on air every Saturday till end of March, as the ending theme song of the TV program “Doyou wa nani suru?”. This nationwide TV program, “Doyou wa nani suru?” is on both Kansai Telecasting corporation and Fuji Television Network. Also, this song is on air through Family Mart’s inside shop radio program called “Mix Fam with your voice”. Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store franchise chain and has 16,000 stores in Japan.

Since their appearance in the media this cover song has been gaining popularity everywhere. The total number of fans who have viewed their TikTok rehearsal videos have been increasing every day. Their videos on YouTube Shorts, have also been gaining popularity. By the way, Singing Cosplayer Hikari herself created the choreography. Do not miss out on their humorous dance videos. The duo is looking forward to their followers from across the globe copying their dance moves with their cover song ‘Muscles Please!’ on TikTok and tagging them!

Profile of Nakayama Kinni-kun

Nakayama Kinni-kun, was born in 1978 and he is from Fukuoka prefecture. He is a comedian and bodybuilder. He moved to L.A. to study muscles in 2006 and graduated in the Kinesiology and Athletics Department of Santa Monica College. He won the grand prix at 75 kg category at the 29th Tokyo Nobis Bodybuilding Championship in May 2021 and he has been very successful in his career as a bodybuilder. He is a very popular YouTuber and has over 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel called, “The Kinniku TV (The Muscle TV)”.

Profile of Singing Cosplayer Hikari

A global cover singer, YouTuber and TikToker who started her activity on social media on New Year’s Day of 2021. She has released 25 anime and vocaloid cover songs so far. Her cover songs have been viewed over 8.1 million times and 97.4% of the viewers are from overseas. The vocaloid cover song, ‘Yume To Hazakura’, which was released to the world in April 2021, has been viewed 2.46 million times on YouTube and ranked No.1 on J-POP charts in 14 countries. She joined and made an appearance at the biggest Japanese culture festival called “HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021” in the UK as a singer, cosplayer, and model.

Music video of the original song ‘Muscles Please!’, the opening theme song of the TV anime “How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?”

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