Miles on bikes. Smiles on faces.

Around 250 bicycle enthusiasts celebrated womanhood and International Women’s Week, in a unique way. By participating in the Cycool Treasure Hunt on Sunday, 13th Mar 2022, in association with Spokes-women. Powered, in a manner of speaking, by the Energy partner for the event – amplifyU. Most of the cyclists relished the servings of amplifyU for its an effective scientific formulation with ingredients and natural boosters that provide Focus, Alertness, Energy, and Immunity. Providing the necessary nutrition and hydration for the cyclists on a hot summer day made amplifyU a-must-have product in their cycling kit.

Though the participants were mostly women, the event had a few male bikers too. Held at Koramangala Club, the day went by like a breeze as it was filled with activity and was cheered on by enthusiastic crowds. The main highlight for amplifiyU was when boss Mr. Anand Raj went on stage to give away prizes for the second position for the Cycool Treasure Hunt.

The well-designed and aptly-branded amplifyU kiosks worked their magic in attracting people to enquire about our products. The three Sippers/Shakers – UFit, UDash, and UDelite caught the attention of curious onlookers.

All in all, it was a day well spent for team amplifyU. The marketing and sales team members got a chance to showcase amplifyU products, elicit response, enquiry, and feedback from the public.