In India and elsewhere, one is witnessing rapid growth in the number of entrepreneurs. Many individuals across the world now have the courage to turn their unique ideas into a business venture. However, business or entrepreneurship is a field where you need guidance and mentoring at every step. This is where leadership experts like Peter Cox come into the picture.

Over 20 years ago, Peter launched his company Leadership Dynamics off the back of the success of his first business, to train entrepreneurs and provide them with the right guidance on how to lead people effectively so that they could achieve all that they wish to in their professional career. From building a new business team to nurturing it in a way that it grows at a steady pace, Peter has been helping entrepreneurs in different ways.

Elaborating on what drives him as a leadership expert, Peter says, “Good leadership equals a good culture. Bad leadership always produces a bad one every time. Your product is not your product, people are your real product. You need to ensure your people are thriving in the right culture before you’ll do anything great together.

You cannot put every entrepreneur in the same bracket. After analyzing the nature of their business and the ideas in their mind, I guide entrepreneurs towards realizing their true potential and achieving their short-term and long-term objectives by growing their leadership and the potential of their people.”

Although Leadership Dynamics was started in Australia, Peter has worked with entrepreneurs globally. Peter is now reaching out to Entrepreneurs in India with his Leadership Dynamics Process. Since Peter’s father was born in Mumbai in the year 1935, he has a special place in his heart for India and has travelled there many times for business and pleasure.

Talking about the same, he says, “I have interacted with a lot of Indian entrepreneurs and have been truly inspired by their ideas and endeavours. I admire the fact that many of the entrepreneurs, who have come from smaller towns and villages, have achieved enormous success despite limited resources at their disposal. In the last couple of years, some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the world have emerged from India. I am keenly looking forward to introducing the wonderful entrepreneurs in India to our leadership and mentoring programs.”

While Peter has not yet made inroads in India, he has mentored a number of India-born entrepreneurs who live in Australia. Rejin Rajan and Darshan Chavan, two entrepreneurs of Indian origin who co-founded Get My Course, reached out to Peter in early 2020 and greatly benefitted from his guidance. They’re now on track to becoming one of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in Australia. Many other individuals and businesses in Australia and elsewhere have grown tremendously as entrepreneurs, helped by the mentorship provided to them by Peter.

“Our mission has always been ‘to build stronger leaders to live better lives’. Today, most entrepreneurs suffer from a great amount of stress. As you move forward in your journey as an entrepreneur, you must look after your health and make sure that you are happy and calm from within. It is important to give time to your family and look after their needs. Among other things, we teach entrepreneurs how to strike a fine balance between their personal and professional lives”, says Peter.

Peter has spent the last 34 years building culture and people in his first business which is now in 29 countries and boasts of a sales force of over 15,000. Some of the most successful SME or small-to-medium enterprises across the world credit their success to Peter and his company Leadership Dynamics. He has empowered entrepreneurs and helped them gain the confidence to run successful businesses. Now that he is all set to enter the Indian market, one can expect many more exciting things to happen. All the relevant details about Peter’s initiatives can be read on the website