A course on “Spirituality – The Science of Living” is being released as a free online course on YouTube (http://www.tinyurl.com/spiritualitycourse) for interested learners worldwide by the Foundation for Learning Technologies.  This is under the FFLT project for developing courses on life skills to help people adapt ancient Indian wisdom and knowledge to their personal lives.

Illustrated with artworks and diagrams, the course is an attempt to integrate life skills training concepts into a curricular framework for schools worldwide. The NGO has developed this course through extensive research.

Umesh Mathur

“These days many people have begun to suffer from anxiety, insecurity, economic uncertainty, and grief”– said Umesh Mathur, Director of FFLT.

Releasing the course to coincide with the Day of Vesak week, Mr. Mathur said that the Day of Vesak is a reminder to be aware of our inner self by being mindful of our thoughts and dispositions in these Covid times.

Projects done by FFLT promoters include educational facilities for very poor children, the development of materials for open schooling, the creation of the creatives for the Garden of Spiritual Wisdom in Varanasi, and the preparation of books on spiritual subjects.

Mr. Mathur said that the video course offering is a sequel to the concepts presented by him during his address at the United Nation’s ECOSOC committee meeting for NGO accreditation in New York, attended by 127 nations of the world.  Those concepts got the ICDV(International Council for the Day of Vesak) recognized as a global NGO and helps them to participate and celebrate the Day of Vesak as an UN-recognized international event.

Science Of Living

The founder Director Umesh Mathur is an educational filmmaker and is recognized for his work in the field of spiritual education.  He has written books on the subject and has been working on a curriculum for introducing the subject of Spirituality in schools.  He has been awarded for his educational work at the Garden of Spiritual Wisdom Varanasi, now widely acclaimed as a tourist attraction.

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