If you are waiting for the player Unknown Battleground PUBG Mobile to return to India, then another good news has come for you. The FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards game, announced in late September by Studio nCore, is now listed on the Google Play Store, where it can be pre-registered for now.

The popular Battle Royal game in New Delhi India has been awaiting its return since the ban on PUBG Mobile. Many games like PUBG have become popular after the ban, although no Indian option gamers have been found. This is the reason why its official launch has been awaited since the announcement of FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards. This Made in India game has now been listed on the Google Play Store.

Despite being listed on the Google Play Store, Android users cannot install this game right now. At present, the developer nCore, which develops it, is only giving users the option to pre-register for the game. Once you pre-register for this game, a notification will be sent to the user as soon as the game is launched. In this way, users who pre-register will be able to download and install this game first.

e’s story-line
The listing has definitely given the idea of ​​a story-line to be followed in the game. The game is based on the hills on the northern border of India, where eight fighting groups protect the country. The game description on the Play Store states that players will join a special unit of FAU-G commandos and guard the border, where they will compete with the enemy. It states that the game is dedicated to Heroes of the Indian Army.

PUBG is coming back The
new game is currently listed on the Play Store for Android users only and its listing has not been revealed on the Apple App Store. Let us know, PUBG Mobile Game is also going to come back in India after many attempts and official statements about this have also been shared by PUBG Corporation. PUBG Mobile is bringing the Indian version of the game to India, ending its links with China’s distribution company Tencent.