After 23 years of Google development, India’s First Private Search. Search Engine is developed in Gujarat by Nishith Dhanani

In the Corona period, when the whole world was packed inside, and half of the population was insecure and workless in the corona period.

A 22 years Gujarati young man Nishith Dhanani decided to make the nation proud to have its search engine. After 8 months of mind storming coding a search engine was ready to be launched and on Indian Republic day 26th January 2021, India got its first made-in-India private search engine as a result.

QMAMU search engine has been launched and more than 25,000 users have performed their search on the search engine within 48 hours.

“QMAMU” is turning to be the most friendly private search engine in India. Within the 48 hours of user’s search experience, it’s being proved as the most optimum and giving satisfactory search results.

The first look at the “QMAMU” search engine looks like: the top of the page includes the list of options web, image, video, news and Shopping including the search tab. The bottom of the page details the social media links to be shared.

At the right edge of the page, The tricolour of the Indian flag quoting Made in India makes every Indian proud to have its search engine.

First test:-

Speaking about the search engine “QMAMU” the developer mentions the different unique features of the newly launched search engine.

First, immediately after typing the keyword “what is a search engine?” within 0.37 seconds, the search engine listed below the 1,570,000,000 results in relevant results similar to the popular search engine Google.


Search results in Regional Language:

One of the key features of The main feature of Qmamu search engine is, Besides English, it can display search results in more than 15 regional languages of India.

When performed search, restaurants near me, just in 0.44 seconds, about 3,790,000,000 results are displayed. After visiting each suggested result page, all are found relevant and as per the search location. It results as per the Indian websites and forms linked travel websites from all over the world.

Search result in Hindi

Being an Indian developer Nishith Dhanani has emphasized developing “QMAMU” worthy to search in Hindi and other regional languages of India.

Like other popular search engines, Google, Bing, the “QMAMU” a search engine is initially able to store the search and contains all advanced features of search engines including Privacy, Protection, and Performance.

Good luck to this young indian man for this.


Company Headquarters- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


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Database Management System Development, Web

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Company- Qmamu Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Location- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.