Booking appointments and organizing meetings is a time-consuming process. makes it very easy to schedule your meetings!

Chennai, 22 September, India’s first Online Appointment Scheduling SaaS platform.

The current method of organizing meetings and appointments is tedious and, needless to say, time-consuming. is an online appointment scheduling tool that eliminates the back-and-forth communications between people when organizing a meeting. The Platform handles the increasing problem of meeting scheduling. This application eliminates the need for back-and-forth phone calls to schedule a meeting. It saves time and is effective. is an online appointment scheduling

According to the founder Ms. PreethiIyer, “we feel there is compelling need for scheduling automation and we tend to rely on products from western markets which are often expensive & not so easy to use. The platform is so easy to use that user needs just a link with basic configuration to automate the schedule. Our product roadmap is quite exhaustive and awesome features are lined-up in weeks to come.”

It takes an excessive number of phone calls/multiple emails back & forth and rescheduling to schedule a day and hold a meeting ultimately. This procedure leads to a great deal of inefficiency and waste of both physical and precious intangible resources.

Further, Ms. Iyer says “, comes up with just 2 subscription plan Basic which is free forever with limited features and PRO with advanced availability configuration comes with a small monthly fee.”

Some standout features:-

  • Automate scheduling with just a link.
  • Set up a meeting in three simple steps: schedule, book, and approve.
  • Scheduling a meeting requires the least amount of support.
  • Extremely efficient and saves both parties’ time.
  • Easy yet powerful configuration options.
  • It makes life easier by eliminating numerous emails and phone calls.

It is an innovative way for Professionals & Enterprises to extend their calendars to their customers, partners, friends & vendors to schedule appointments effortlessly as quickly as 30 seconds.