Neha Ranjan Promotes Health and Wellness Through Her Brand ‘The Tea Shore’

Most Indians cannot get through a day without having at least one cup of tea. Many, of course, end up having multiple cups of tea in a day. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that India happens to be the second-largest producer and consumer of tea. It is the most popular drink in India and one that most Indians can’t imagine their lives without. While there are many popular tea brands in the country, there are very few which have made an effort to serve premium quality tea to their consumers. To fill this void, young entrepreneur and beauty influencer Neha Ranjan launched ‘The Tea Shore.

With an aim of offering tea connoisseurs premium quality tea made with the freshest and natural ingredients, Neha Ranjan’s The Tea Shore offers a variety of premium tea with healthy ingredients at affordable prices to give you a tasteful tea experience without the use of any additives, artificial flavours, or colours. Launched as an online tea store earlier this year, different varieties of tea products have already been listed on the website and several e-commerce marketplaces.

Talking about the idea behind The Tea Shore, founder Neha Ranjan shares, “Being a beauty influencer, I have been very conscious about the food or beverages I consume. Since I am a tea enthusiast, I cannot go without having a couple of cups a day. While I loved tea, what bothered me was the fact very few tea brands were offering healthy options to their consumers. Ones which had seemingly healthy ingredients tasted quite bland. I have studied the art and science behind different tea varieties closely. Therefore, I decided to come up with a brand offering different varieties of tea that would be healthy and tasteful at the same time. We have a wide variety of green tea blends, black tea, white tea, and 100% caffeine-free herbal tea. Our matcha is very popular among matcha lovers because of its finest grade from Uji, Japan.”

Apart from being a beauty influencer, Neha has a post-graduation degree in International Business & Sustainability from the Birla Institute of Management Technology, one of the most reputed business schools in the country. Her interest in fitness and knowledge of the business ecosystem proved to be useful when she decided to launch her own brand.

I have worked as an HR manager in the past but I always knew that I was not meant for a 9-5 job. I had several business ideas running through my mind all the time and finally, I decided to launch a brand that would reflect my interest in beauty and wellness and test my business acumen. We are still in our early days but have received a large number of orders already. The response that we have received encourages us to work harder and make The Tea Shore one of the biggest brands in the F&B space in the country”, she says.

Whether it’s a business meeting in the office or a get-together with your friends, no occasion is complete in India without the presence of multiple cups of tea. Tea has been a part of our core lifestyle since generations. For Neha, tea represents a variety of things and that’s the reason she is proud to start her entrepreneurial journey with a tea brand.

Talking about her love for tea, she says, “For me, tea signifies many things. Apart from being a mood enhancer and a ‘wake-up alarm’ to me all these years, it has also worked wonderfully as an immunity enhancer, an energy booster, and a celebration drink. A warm cup of tea, in my opinion, helps in setting the tone for the day and keeps you energized as you have a cup or two more through the day.”

While one can see many tea varieties and other related products on the website of The Tea Shore, several more exciting products like dark chocolates, handmade scented candles, and gift packs shall be up for sale on the online store soon.