Thinking Tees today announced the launch of its foolproof eCommerce site that provides humorous apparel for the youth. Thinking Tees specializes in fun and crazy t-shirts featuring humor themes, amusing sayings, proven pick-up lines, quotes, memes, and in an unusual twist, the punch lines to classic jokes.

Fashioned from the belief that life should be enjoyed, and that humor is often the best aphrodisiac, strive to provide clothing that generates discussion and human interaction. “In social situations, many people find it difficult to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Most often, the interaction begins with a silly comment or joke. We created the clothing at to jumpstart those interactions between strangers and help like-minded people find each other,” states Thinking Tees Founder, Shubham Saluja. “In a society where everyone wants to wear something different and unique, Thinking Tees provides clothing that cannot be found anywhere else and gives the wearer an outlet to showcase their sense of humor,” continues Shubham.


Guided by the CMO, Deepanshu Nasa, visitors to the website can select from an extensive collection of designs and choose from more than 200 styles and colors. Shoppers seeking advice can consult with Thinking Tees’ chat support to help with buying decisions and to learn about specific designs. Clothing can be completely customized to each shopper’s preference. Thinking Tees clothing is of the highest quality, and is available in both men’s and women’s styles, ranging in price from INR 399 to INR 999.

About Thinking Tees

Thinking Tees primary goals are to create quality clothing that connects people and creates a lasting impression. From subtle humor to vintage one-liners, Thinking Tees’ apparel will make a statement and provoke conversation.

The brand came into existence in November 2020 with a motto to eliminate the ordinary fashion styles being followed by youth. It is now one of the fastest-growing apparel brands offering t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.