“In a world full of fancy hashtags,  green marketing campaigns, false claims, and misleading information I need an easy way to check if the brand and products I am using are truly good and safe?”

With the growing popularity of thousands of so-called natural and clean personal care brands globally, consumers are very confused over which brands are true and safe.

We designed zoobop for conscious consumers like you and me. zoobop.com is the world’s first brand reader, which checks complete brand information for you in an instant.

Check brand first on Zoobop.com
Check brand first on Zoobop.com

Imagine a single platform that checks any personal care brand for you in an instant to see if it is

  • clean (does it carry toxic ingredients?)
  • green (is it eco-safe?)
  • honest (is it transparent with ingredients?)
  • and cruelty-free (does it test on animals?)

The co-founders say, “zoobop.com has scored thousands of brands globally, based on actual data and research. We give you all the information in detail to help you be better informed. All you need to do is a BOP!”

  • It is free to use webapp
  • You can check any brandfrom anywhere in the world, to see how it scores
  • Zoobop scores brands on a scale of 0- 5.
  • where 0 is terrible (brands to avoid) and 4 and above are very good ( brands with a clean and green footprint)
  • if a brand is poorly rated, the platform shows you cleaner alternatives based on your location and budget
  • easy to use anywhere, for your online or offline shopping, even when you travel overseas.

green marketingDid you know, that 7 out of 10 products in our vanity contain dirty ingredients? And shockingly most women (and men) end up using at least 20 toxins every day while getting ready.

Now multiply this by 30 for a month and get the picture. It’s a scary number!

So let’s not be victims to gimmicky green marketing and false claims anymore!

Our challenge for you is to Bop any 10 brands you use in your vanity/bath/household – you will be surprised at what you learn.

Be informed, and make better cleaner safer choices.

BOP it before you Shop it is our mantra, for a kinder planet and a greener you!