MANY has changed. YOU TOO CAN CHANGE for the better. Mark your calendars. We bring you an event that could make you rediscover your purpose in the upcoming post-COVID era and Uncage you from all that has been holding you down… the doubts from others and most of all, from yourself.

Students, Young-Senior Leaders, Entrepreneurs…

For those starting up, starting out, starting over, and you don’t know the next steps to take, we have some good news! Whether you’re a student, manager, entrepreneur, or in-between careers, this workshop is for you!  This online, multi-stage event offers practical ways on how to take your life back and bring it to the next level.

Uncaged: A workshop that could help you be liberated from your current career, situation and thinking. This 2-hour event is happening on the 28th of October at 5 pm in Sydney, 11:30 am in India and 9 am in London.

Millions are in the mindset…

All sectors across healthcare, leisure, and trade tell the same story. People are in the mindset to move, rethink, reassess and embrace what they value, where they want to fit, how they want to be treated and respected.

  • Students second-guessing course choices;
  • Young and senior leaders look beyond what has always been expected and demanded of them;
  • The generational expectations on career men and women to maintain similar standards set by prior leaders.

Take up the challenge…

Uncaged takes these issues and places them in the hands of CEO’s, Founders, and Medical Professionals who challenged the status quo long before a global health crisis happened.

If you’re unhappy, restless, and a little frustrated,  then this is not for you.

But If you are feeling caged, restrained, and trapped, then we are definitely talking to you.

Your Steps Today, Determine Your Tomorrow

Stephen De Sede is a founder of so many companies and serves as a consultant of different organizations all across the globe.  He experienced immense successes and yet is still open about his massive failures.

Three outstanding speakers from four specific regions will join him in this 2-hour workshop to share their successes and failures but most of all the steps they’ve taken to Uncage themselves.

Heart disease, brain damage, bankruptcy…

These speakers underwent life-changing events such as recovering from bankruptcy and suicidal attempt; reversing heart disease; overcoming brain damage; and breaking free from being a corporate refugee. They will share their life stories and the lessons they have learned that propelled them to take action and strategize. They will be teaching from a place of failure and guide you towards success.

The event starts with a live process mapping by Stephen De Sede on How To Create Awareness.

De Sede, from his years of experience states that “When you are starting over, your greatest asset is being aware of what you are good at.”

Interactive Presentation

Mr. De Sede’s talk will be followed by Dr. Irene Cop’s. She will be sharing a live modelling process called “How To Repurpose and Reset”. When Dr. Cop was at her rock bottom, she KNEW she could do more, that’s why she repurposed her skills and reset her focus.

Live Board Modelling

“The Nine Stage Plan” will then be discussed by Andre Alphonso. This is a technique he used on How To Discover and Begin. Mr. Alphonso is a heart disease survivor who reclaimed his life and started anew.

The last session is about “How To Deliver and Act” by Rajiv Handa. He will expound on what it felt like to be a corporate refugee who was asking questions such as “what will I do now” or “what is next for me?” Join him as he shares the answers he applied in his own life.

Live Model Q & A

Not only that, the Uncaged event has LIVE Q&A Forum, interactive and live modelling, with all sessions recordings placed into the members’ area and A.R.D.D Certificate.

Registration for the Uncagedevent is here: