Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust is a 133 years old yoga organization, which is making people healthy from disease by teaching free yoga to people through yoga and spirituality. The basis of this institution is Guru Yogeshwar Ramlal Ji Bhagwan (1st Guru Gaddi), Yogeshwar Mulkhraj Ji Maharaj (Second Guru Gaddi), Yogeshwar Devidayal Ji Maharaj (Third Guru Gaddi), Yogeshwar Surendra Dev Ji Maharaj (Fourth Guru Gaddi) The benediction of Mahaprabhu ji our Gurudev’s served people with the yogic and spiritual healing and teachings and made people free from diseases.

The whole world is fighting a war with Corona, Corona is increasing rapidly in India because there is a lack of immunity among people, which can be fulfilled through yoga and food. Yoga is very important in our life, consider yoga as your life partner because it keeps your body healthy and patient in life, yoga will always support you. Due to this second wave, it is being speculated that the third wave can prove to be very deadly. In such a situation, people who are recovering from corona are being advised to do yoga. Because yoga is the only means which is beneficial to save you from the corona global pandemic.

Yoga can remove the tension of Corona. By doing yoga, the body becomes agile, lungs strong and mental stress is also less, if any virus infection reaches our lungs, then pranayama should be done to remove it. It is very beneficial for increasing the oxygen level in our body. For pranayama, first of all, sit in Padmasana and keep both hands on the feet in meditation posture. In the beginning, breathe in slowly and then forcefully exhale. Then inhale forcefully and exhale forcefully. Do this action for 15 minutes. Due to this, the body gets more amount of air and carbon-di-oxide comes out of the body.

The blood circulation of the body parts is also good through Pranayama.

Keeping in mind the coronavirus disease, Mahesh Chand Goyal(National President),  Rajiv Khosla (National Secretary), and Manoj Kapoor(National Treasurer) of Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust unanimously agreed to the people of the ABYOGASMS    through highly educated yoga teachers. We have taken a pledge to save from Corona so that people can be free from diseases and stay away from Corona.

Therefore, ABYOGASMS    under the joint aegis of Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust, has given a commendable message to 21 lakh children and girls under the practice of yoga on 21st June, through virtual classes by the experienced yoga teachers of the institutions. Gave.

After the horror of the second wave of the corona, health experts apprehensive of the third wave had described the next possible corona wave as effective for children. Here, social distancing, lockdown, housewarming, etc., became necessary to break the chain of Covid 19 infection, which changed its appearance. As a result, there was no doubt on the transition chain, but at the same time, it started affecting the human body as well.

Because of the present situation, under the guidance of Principal Yogacharya Shri Swami Amit Dev ji, National Special Secretary (PrCB) of Shri Yoga Abhyas Ashram Trust and National President of ABYOGASMS Yogacharya Mangesh Trivedi ji has made modern science a boon, digitally. But he was determined to keep the country fit.

While assimilating Gurudev with the auspicious blessings of Mahaprabhu ji, the highly educated yoga teachers in the ABYOGASMS, with the active cooperation of Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust, taught the countrymen about yoga through monthly virtual yoga classes at the end of May. To inspire and create awareness. With the widespread of the country, more than 3000 experienced and trained yoga teachers and teachers from about 26 state institutions of the country created interest in the field of yoga by getting millions of people to practice yoga. In this yoga campaign, gradually all the social workers, intellectuals, institutions, groups etc. should come forward with an open mind. It was learned that the   ABYOGASMS    Teachers had jointly resolved to practice yoga by connecting 21 lakh children to virtual classes on this International Yoga Day to protect children from infection and physical development through yoga.

The preparation for which was going on along with these monthly virtual yoga classes. The national in-charge of this campaign was made National Treasurer, Monika Sharma, who had made the entire National Executive of the federation, Vice President Shri Rannvijay Kaurav ji – Madhya Pradesh Shri Rajesh Thakkar  – Goa, Shri Rahul Sen  – Madhya Pradesh, Shri Ganga Prasad Kharat  – Maharashtra, Shri Nilesh Wankhede – Maharashtra, Smt. Sindhav  – Gujarat, Shri Rahul B. Yevala  – Maharashtra, Joint Secretary Shri Navjeevan Vishwakarma  – Telangana, Shri Saurabh Chaudhary – Uttar Pradesh, Shri Manoj Naik  – Maharashtra, Dr Madhuri Parmar  – Maharashtra, Shri Khogesh Sahu  – Chhattisgarh, Shri Shailendra Kumar Giri  – Bihar, Shri Nilanchal  – Jharkhand, Shri Hemant  Tiwari – Madhya Pradesh, Shri Anil Chandrakar  – Chhattisgarh, Shri S. K. Barnwal  – Karnataka, Shri Gautam Das – while fulfilling his responsibility by taking Assam along, set a wonderful example of excellent synergy between yoga teachers, media, yogis, digital, social media etc.

Today on Yoga Day, the grand virtual yoga class was started through Facebook by the Yoga teacher of the institution, Mrs. Sonali Sarkar, by getting yoga practiced in Prabhat Bela at 6 am. After this,  espectively, Shri Shikhar Aggarwal, Smt. Sushmita , Ujjwal Surje , Smt. Pragya Gupta, Sushil,  Rameshwar, Smt. Rupi, Shri Kushal  Mrs. Anjali Shukla, etc. attended the yoga classes. He shared the wealth of health through experience and yoga education. This huge virtual yoga program started with the conch shell and lighting of the lamp by Mrs. Pragya Gupta. After which Yogacharya Mangesh Trivedi ji gave a message of good luck to all the yoga lovers participating in the virtual yoga camp.

Yogacharya Mangesh Trivedi ji told that in the changing environment, it is beneficial to apply regularly in your life for good health. The chief guest of the virtual program was Major Shri Deepchand ji, the great hero of the Kargil war. Major Shri Deepchand ji has sacrificed both his legs and one hand while moving on the path of victory in the Kargil war.

The current Pradhan Yogacharya, Swami Amit Dev Ji told that a global epidemic like corona can be got rid of by some means of ghrit neti and shatkarmas.