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Satmya is Rabiya Kapoor’s online organic food business. Satmya sells clean natural food without adulteration or contaminants is farm-fresh. They follow slow and traditional methods which require hand-picked products to maintain the purity of all ingredients.

Somehow the idea that we have to add vitamin and mineral capsules or pills to our dieting is embraced to cover the nutrient gaps that we don’t get from our meals. Why then do not the vitamins recreated function the same as those present naturally in food?

The use of isolated nutrients can lead to harmful body imbalances. One nutrient “too much” will have a significant impact on others’ values (such as excess Vitamin D creating Magnesium deficiency and excess Zinc creating Copper deficiency).

The health benefits are maximized by organic whole food cultivated in natural climates. Seeds, nuts, legumes, berries, seeds, and vegetables are part of this initiative. No lab can recreate the intricate composition of the nutrients and the vitamins present in these foods. It looks as if you were asking for a carrot by someone and they were handing you a beta-carotene tablet. The carrot gives you a whole nutritional range, which the body knows how to break down and use normally. The pill provides a single extracted vitamin for your body.

Products by Satmya are synergized by phytonutrients, with their potent antioxidant activities and the health-promoting effects that we see in fruit-rich and plant-related diets, on whole-food supplements, whole-of-food vitamins, organic supplements, plant-based supplements, and plant-based vitamins. This is why the mixture of natural phytonutrients by Satmya cannot be replaced by some single antioxidant for health benefits. The overall number is bigger than the pieces.

Satmya’s organic food supplements have the most natural nutrients, which ensures that they are bio-active and the most beneficial. The whole food supply extracted is farm fresh and cultivated with pesticide-free cultivation techniques to minimize contamination and save water and soil as an environmental benefit.

Satmya’s range consists of immunity, seasonal, growth, and gifting organic supplements.

Green concentrate foods and antioxidants from nutritionally dense food and herbs such as giloy, ashwagandha, shyama tulsi, arjuna bark, among many others, are the most popular types of organic supplements from Satmya. There are large numbers of traditional supplements available, but you might want to explore the organic supplements provided by satmya if you are searching for a fully natural nutrient-dense substance-free of chemical residue.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Satmya –

1. They produce nice nutrients

More than 300 tests have shown that organic crops—giloy, ashwagandha, shyama tulsi, arjuna bark—are considerably higher than non-organic antioxidants and nutrients.

Bio ingredients from these organic foods are used by Satmya.

2. You will be clean of contaminants and toxins

You assume that you use food not exposed to hundreds of harmful products if you take licensed biologic dietary supplements from Satmya.  Many herbicides are carcinogenic or induce destruction of the endocrine. To use herbal products means to make a deliberate decision to keep toxic toxins and chemicals from the body.

3. You will get better taste and absorption of nutrients

Satmya organic food tastes amazing! The taste buds will tell you! Good soils produce nutritious, food-friendly plants (and sometimes, wholesome supplements). You use a variety of vitamins, ore, and other foods that the body requires to eat a supplement obtained from the whole plane.

4. You will help to protect the wild.

Bio-based farmers work together to promote sustainable development and create balanced communities. Satmya’s organic farm is 30 percent higher than non-organic species of animals and birds on average. These animals survive on agricultural land and help to manage environmental pests—a win-win scenario!

5. You will help to maintain the environment

What is shocking is that it requires more energy than growing, harvesting, and transporting crops to manufacture synthetic fossil-fuel fertilizers – combined! Satmya’s organic farming uses half of the traditional methods’ resources. Satmya uses ecologically friendly agriculture methods which not only save water but also help to prevent pesticides from being washed. That is, the consumption of organic goods eliminates your footprint on the planet.

If your supplements aren’t giving you whole foods, but instead isolated forms of nutrients, you need to buy organic health supplements from food stores like Satmya.

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